Project: Fields of happiness

General Objective

Contribute to the social integration and rehabilitation of young people of the province of Kinshasa, DR Congo.

Brief description (pilot phase)

In 2010 the Badile Lubamba Foundation acquired a 40-acre site, 60 km from Kinshasa city, where it cares for underprivileged youth, particularly street children, introducing them to various methods and techniques in agriculture and pisciculture.

Under the guidance of two qualified agronomists, young people (about 15 in 2018) are being supported in their training and social rehabilitation. In addition, various works have been carried out, including the construction of four 30/15m basins for tilapia breeding, as well as small eco- friendly brick houses built by the young people. There are also plans to build a sports complex at a later stage.

Project duration

ongoing since 2010

Date: ongoing since 2010
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