Born in 1976 in Kinshasa, in The Democratic Republic of the Congo, Badile Lubamba left his native country for Switzerland at the age of 7.

He studied in Lausanne, Avenches and Bulles and like most boys his age, indulged in the love of football. The social role of sport helped him form closer bonds with his peers. When he was sixteen, while serving his apprenticeship as a painter (qualifying with a federal VET Certificate), he was scouted as a youth talent by the prestigious Hope of Lausanne Sports Club, and from there onwards, Badile was propelled into the world of professional football until 2007, playing for several Swiss teams and in France (Troyes). Badile became the first player of colour to join the national Swiss team (2001).

Despite his professional success, this native of DR Congo never forgot his origins, or the poverty and deprivation still devastating his country. When his professional football career ended, he dedicated himself to helping the underprivileged youth of his country gain access to a better life, through sport.

A Swiss citizen, he set up a foundation in his own name in DR Congo, the Badile Lubamba Foundation. Following this, he created an association in Switzerland and set up a foundation in Canada to support his projects in DR Congo.