The Badile Lubamba Foundation strives to achieve Sustainable Development Goals for young people in DR Congo. Its actions focus on education, training and cultural exchange, particularly through sport and its inherent values. Additionally, the foundation extends its services to social and environmental fields.

The foundation

The Badile Lubamba Foundation, with its headquarters in Kinshasa, DR Congo, was set up in 2010. It aims at making a significant contribution to the fight against youth idleness in troubled African societies by a triple-action approach: physical, material and intellectual.
The foundation builds on local capacity to consolidate its action and reach its objectives. The foundation is backed by the Association Badile Lubamba in Switzerland and the Badile Lubamba Foundation in Canada.

Our mission

The Badile Lubamba Foundation focuses on helping the young people of DR Congo through sport, thereby facilitating individual and social change. Sport promotes health, tolerance, peace, social integration, as well as equality and independence for both women and the vulnerable.

The objectives of the Badile Lubamba Foundation are :

  • To increase access to sport, structured recreation and cultural exchange
  • To promote universal education and training, without discrimination
  • To provide social support for young people
  • To develop integrated projects

All our projects foster partnership with local actors.

Our values

Dignity – Respect for all, irrespective of gender or intercultural diversity
Helping others to help themselves – Projects which meet the needs of the local population, led by local players
Transparency – Respect for the freedom and dignity of others and their cultural differences
Perseverance – Consistency in implementing ways of improving living conditions for the most vulnerable
Resilience – Strengthening capacity to overcome challenges