You too could make a difference by sponsoring a young Congolese child (as young as 5), in care in one of our structures in Kinshasa.

Your contribution would be a precious gift to cater for his/her needs, and open doors to a more promising future for that child.

Methods of payment vary in accordance with sponsors’ wishes and include:

  • Sponsorship of CHF 10.- minimum per month: support for the foundation’s running costs
  • Sponsorship of CHF 40.- minimum per month: partial child subsidy
  • Sponsorship of CHF 80.- minimum per month: cover all the child’s needs (accommodation, food, clothing, school etc)

In the child’s best interests, a long-term commitment is preferable; if possible until the adolescent leaves the foundation and becomes independent.

For all other information, feel free to contact the Sponsorship Manager :

Tél. : +41 76 708 48 86; email :

Start a sponsorship

If you wish to start a sponsorship, please download the form My commitment, fill it in and email it to the above address.

Practical information

Practical information about sponsorship:

1. Information about the sponsored child

You will receive information about the child you sponsor twice a year, or more often in exceptional circumstances (illness, accident, change of residence, training, etc).

2. Means of communication

  • By Email to: . E-mails are regularly checked and forwarded to the children. Please do not forward photos due to difficult internet connections in Kinshasa
  • By post: you will be regularly informed in advance of planned trips to Kinshasa. This will give you the opportunity to send letters, photos, CDs or videos. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information ).

3. Gifts and children’s requests

According to Guidelines established to mitigate the children’s tendency to make varied requests of their sponsors, money derived from gifts is used to cater for the children’s needs, rather than what they want.

Therefore, it is advisable to focus your additional gifts on the following:

  • Christmas: with CHF 40.-, the sponsored child receives a new outfit (tee-shirt, trousers, possibly belt and shoes) at the Christmas party for sponsored children, organised by the foundation
  • Birthday: You may wish to give up to CHF 40.- which will go into one pot for celebrating a general birthday party for the sponsored children, held each year in June, and getting them new outfits for the occasion.
  • Special occasion: if you wish to make an additional gift, please contact the Sponsorship Manager ).

It is generally recommended not to respond to the child’s personal requests but to inform the Sponsorship Manager for guidance. This will enable the smooth allocation of funds more adapted to the child’s needs and avoid potentially embarrassing situations for the child and his entourage.

4. Disbursement

  • Regular monthly or quarterly payments with details of the period covered and the sponsored child’s name
  • For any additional payment, please indicate the sponsored child’s name and the occasion (Christmas, birthday, medical costs, special occasion) so that your wishes are respected.

Bank details

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